Saturday, 22 February 2014

Guess who's back!

Hi there! 

That title was slightly Eminem inspired! I did go and see him the other evening at Melbournes Ethiad Stadium. Appearance by Kendrick Lamar which was nice! 

I'm in Melbourne, settled and on the perusal for work! I'm living in Elwood, which is beautiful. Right near the beach, like a ten minute walk. Got some lovely little shops, caf├ęs and eateries real close also and a train line within walking distance.

I've noticed a dramatic drop in weather within the last few days, it's starting to feel a lot like autumn! :( I'm not happy with that as I have no autumnal clothes! 

I'm looking for creative work, it's been pretty tough, at the minute any job would be great for the time being. If you're working in web design and love InDesign and marketing then you're sorted over here! Everything else is few and far between. Hmmmm.

I want to get my old trusty mac out here. I need something to get creative on, I'm borderline hair pulling out. I might start knitting. And I don't have my sewing machine.... I miss England! 

It's real expensive here as it goes. We got a monthly gas bill here the other day, it was like $200! Seriously?! 

Toms working, he's sorted. And he enjoys it so I'm really pleased and happy for him. 

What have I been doing... Mostly cleaning and tidying our flat, food shopping, looking for work, looking for work and playing netball! Which has been fun, met some nice girls. And one who has very kindly lent me her car!! So I have that parked up outside to help me get around, very kind of her and her family to lend it me. There are some super nice people in this world! 

Some things have happened back home and it makes you realise how far away you actually are, and you feel bad for being so far away. But our friends and family know that we are always with them through anything and that yes we may be on the other side of the world, but you are still close in our hearts and we love,miss and talk about you all regularly. 

Im going to keep you updated on any news and travels and hopefully keep regular posts and feeds flowing on here now!

I miss you England! 

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